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Your business is sunk without a good finance team—and in the current climate, with 40% of finance professionals thinking of joining the Great Resignation, you’re in trouble if you don’t know these talent retention strategies.


1. Keep the finance team connected

Keep your finance professionals connected to the whole workforce and the bigger picture, making sure they understand clearly how what they do makes a difference. A sense of purpose to work contributes hugely to employee retention.


2. Offer freedom and flexibility

Flexibility is no longer a nice-to-have; people will leave if you don’t offer hybrid and flexible working. Get clear on what’s negotiable and what isn’t.


3. Forget one size fits all

Think of employees and candidates as your customers. As with any other type of marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that actually fits them all. Embrace inclusion as well as diversity by going out of your way to make sure each person’s different needs are met.


4. Startups aren’t for everyone

Finance professionals are often coming from a large corporate environment where their roles are clearly defined and secure. If your company is a small one, use the interview process to make sure the people you’re looking to hire have the flexible mindset they need.


5. Automation

If you’re still using basic spreadsheets for key business functions, your employees are probably annoyed and bored. It’s time to upgrade to new technologies, both to refine the process and to make sure your people aren’t having a frustrating time at work.


6. Be prepared to let people go

With the best will in the world, you’re still likely to come up against people wanting to move on. If someone is adamant, accept it with a good grace and focus on how to recruit your next person. Think ahead and consider the talent you’ll need in a year or two, not just right now.

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