Company History

Michael Bailey Associates was founded by our CEO Michael Garlick in 1989 from a small office in London with a staff of just two people.

Today, we are an international group of organisations employing around 900 people across Europe and Asia Pacific with over 1000 contractors working for an extensive portfolio of clients.

Our vision, unwavering client focus, strong business values and expert knowledge of the industry have contributed to our success. The business has expanded steadily, capitalising on new opportunities presented by acquisitions, entering new market sectors and moving into new locations.


The principle factor in our success is the people working within our organisation across all roles and locations. Our teams are comprised of knowledgeable, experienced leaders who have been with the business for many years, together with carefully selected new hires at entry level ready to learn and progress and those in between.

The emphasis has been on setting up local companies as part of a wider group, all headed up and staffed by local, experienced talented people who are experts in their market sector as well as the region. Yet, it’s very much a team feel, with staff in different offices and different parts of the group all meeting up as often as is practical.


  • 1989Michael Bailey Associates is founded in London
  • 1993Worked with our first clients in Europe
  • 1997Amsterdam office is established
  • 1998Gained ISO 9001 accreditation, which has been maintained since
  • 1999Listed on the NASDAQ Europe Technology Exchange
  • 2000Acquired a contract recruitment business in the UK for €20 million
  • 2000Munich and Eindhoven offices are established
  • 2003Geneva and Zurich offices are established
  • 2005Brussels office is established
  • 2007Paris office is established
  • 2008Turnover reached €100 million
  • 2010Vienna office is established
  • 2010Dusseldorf office is established
  • 2011New group company and office is established in Singapore
  • 2011The Pharmaceutical division is launched
  • 2012Acquired Australian company Apex Resource Solutions
  • July 2013Oil and Gas division is launched
  • August 2013Kuala Lumpur office is established
  • September 2013Finance Division is established
  • November 2013New logo and websites are launched
  • 2014Our 25th anniversary year
  • June 2014Finance Division expands into Switzerland
  • July 2014Apex Resource
    Solutions in Australia rebrands to Michael Bailey Associates

Future direction

As a privately owned company, we have the freedom to continue investing in the group, expanding and moving into new sectors and regions. Further expansion is likely to take place in the Asia Pacific region as well as moving into new markets, either organically or through strategically aligned acquisition.

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"I plan to build the Michael Bailey Associates brand further, moving into new regions, sectors and markets. Our teams are united in their belief, ambition and commitment to go on and achieve even bigger and better things"

Mike Garlick, Founder and CEO

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