Culture and Development

Different things motivate different people. In our view though, culture plays a big part. We've created a high performance global culture, designed to test and develop our people to become the best that they can be.

We also understand that a clear career path is extremely motivational - and motivated people translate into effective employees, able to offer the best in client and contractor service.

Investment in our environment, training and development is therefore of paramount strategic importance.


Continuous learning is a central theme in our training programme. We invest in a mix of initiatives designed to equip our teams with market specific skills, knowledge and experience, providing a bespoke training and development programme for all - from entry level to senior management.

Coaching, mentoring, external training, industry specific training and in house courses run by our Training Manager are core components, but just as important is 'on the job' training delivered with the support of colleagues.

On-going Career Management

Each employee has a clear reporting line, working with a Manager and other experienced colleagues. Performance is carefully tracked using a wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs). Regular one-to-one meetings and a comprehensive appraisal system match behaviours back to our core values, to keep the employee aligned with the rest of the business.

Progression and promotion opportunities are discussed openly with all employees, so that objectives, targets and criteria are fully understood. Over 80% of our Managers started out with us a trainees – proof of our commitment to promoting internally wherever we can, although often when we venture into new markets we will source expertise from outside the business.

Culture and Environment

We provide an environment that is conducive to achieving success, and are proud of our low staff turnaround rates compared to the industry standard.

Our collaborative culture is fully endorsed by our mid and senior management levels; everyone is accessible and approachable, and keen to help people reach their goals - from the CEO to our support staff. People are encouraged to share their ideas and help to improve the business and shape our future.

It all comes back to our values – which are proudly displayed in all of our offices. They are the principles that guide the way we do business, and ultimately help our people achieve their goals.

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"Ours is a supportive environment which offers unlimited opportunities to progress. The sky really is the limit if you are prepared to work hard and challenge yourself."

Team Leader, Eindhoven

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