All decisions have financial implications. For that reason, high calibre financial experts are essential in order to offer the best advice to decision makers looking to enhance the performance of their business, and drive success.

The boundaries between functions are becoming blurred, particularly between the traditional IT and Finance departments. Innovation in technology comes at a cost, and financial expertise is now ingrained into many of the IT projects that we deliver for our clients.

Local Expertise

We believe in forging strong business partnerships, with local consultants working closely with clients. Our network of offices across Europe and Asia Pacific allows us to do that.

Cultural differences in the way business is conducted can have a significant impact on partnerships, and having locally based consultants enables us to seamlessly integrate with client stakeholders.

Track Record

Our consultants operate at a high level, working with large, global organisations looking to achieve a competitive advantage over their rivals. Our approach is to build long-term relationships with clients, working with multiple functions where necessary to fully understand the bigger picture.

Consequently, we have developed a reputation for excellent service, fast delivery, high quality candidates and an in depth knowledge of the finance market place.

Well Connected

We have well established relationships with clients through our work in IT and our other disciplines.

Our team of Finance specialists have the skills, experience and an impressive track record of delivery, as well as an excellent network of Finance professionals across Europe.

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"Nothing happens without the say so of the Finance department. The numbers have
to be right - without insight and intelligence on the financial aspects of any project,
businesses can’t push forward and achieve their goals."

Flip, Sales Manager, Amsterdam

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