In today’s evolving technological environment, businesses simply cannot survive without an IT department. Regardless of the size of a company, it is imperative that there is a team of IT specialists in place to oversee data management, cyber security, software development, systems integration, implementation and maintenance.

To successfully achieve these objectives, IT functions need to have the ability to implement, manage and deliver multiple projects – to deadlines and budget. To do this, they need to optimize the workforce available to them - and that’s our area of expertise.

Local Expertise

Our teams of expert, local IT specialists have a proven history of delivering project based IT management solutions across all industries. We take a consultative approach, concentrating on fully understanding the requirements and the end goals of a project, and responding with a bespoke strategic solution to any assignment.

Track Record

Michael Bailey Associates has been operating in the IT sector for almost 30 years. During this time, we have worked in partnership with IT functions across all industries, and have successfully implemented a diverse range of project based workforce solutions for companies such as Shell, IBM, Novartis, Gazprom, T-mobile and Phillips.

Well Connected

We’ve developed an extensive network of motivated, high calibre IT talent across our regions and have established an extremely positive reputation within this community.

We guarantee fast payment for contractors, offer a wealth of support and added value services and employ Field Managers - a role dedicated to strengthening our partnership with our consulting contractors.

The result? Our network is motivated, satisfied and loyal, and we can ensure that we’re working with the top tier of talent available.

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"We are able to deliver outstanding results quickly, meaning that our clients in turn are able to propel their business forwards, with the optimal workforce in place to achieve success."

Marcel, Country Manager, Zurich

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