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The Future is NOW!

For a client of ours we are looking for a Microscopy Lab - Sample Preparation Technician.

We are looking for a dedicated experienced professional to operate our clients state-of-the art dual beam Focussed Ion Beam (FIB/SEM) equipment for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation and nano-manipulation.

Start: ASAP

Location: South-Holland

Duration: 1 year (+ possible extensions)

Language: English


Our clients research is focused on the development of new hybrid semiconductor-superconductor platforms to enable the application of Majorana bound states for topological quantum computing.

Material science and fabrication are the foundation and the enablers of qubit devices. They deal with complex stacks of different materials combined at the nanoscale and require state-of-the art metrology and in-depth morphological, structural and compositional analysis. Fabrication of qubit devices is a challenging, multi-step process pushing the boundaries of nanotechnology and nano-patterning techniques. You can play a key role in supporting the development of their ground-breaking approach to quantum computing by helping to realize quantum devices with quality and control well beyond the current state of the art.


BSc Materials Science, Physics, Electrical Engineering or Related – equivalent experience is also okay.


* Perform and optimize sample preparation for transmission electron microscopy using a focused ion beam (FIB) equipment (70%)
* Perform and optimize sample preparation other standard ways such as ultramicrotomy or mechanical thinning (20%)
* Develop or optimize protocols and recipes related to the state-of-the art sample preparation using related techniques and equipment (10%)
* Deliver TEM ready samples to other characterization team members or external user
* Maintain an excellent information log of all sample preparation activities and communicate meaningful information to microscopy users


Experience with Focused Ion Beam mandatory and scanning electron microscopy is desired.

* Excellent knowledge of, and direct hands-on experience in scanning electron microscopy and focused-ion-beam assisted sample preparation techniques, ultra-microtomy.
* Beneficial: Ion beam sample preparation experience, standard mechanical polishing preparation, ultra-microtomy.
* Ability to quickly integrate and work in a multi-disciplinary, international team and effectively collaborate and communicate to meet the deadlines and deliver against program goals
* Excellent written and oral communication skills in English. Able to write accurate short technical reports in English in a time effective manner.
* Experience within the semiconductor industry or in relevant materials research labs would be a plus
* Experience with lab management and hardware troubleshooting/maintenance in the field of electron/ion microscopy would be a plus

Michael Bailey International is acting as an Employment Business in relation to this vacancy.

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