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Energy companies are facing a challenging time as the search for ways to future proof our global energy supplies continues. More and more focus is being put on efficiency, sustainability and productivity in order to maximise the potential of the finite resources available.

It’s critical that the industry is able to operate at peak performance levels, not just for the businesses involved, but for the development of an energy strategy that will power our future.

Local Expertise

As a major hub for the global oil and gas industry, the Asia Pacific region is a prime location for companies targeting highly skilled experts across the spectrum. Our team of experienced, local consultants in our Singapore and Malaysia offices offer project based solutions and consultancy to leading sector clients.

We are adept at dealing with multiple, complex projects, providing the full range of resources necessary to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.

Track Record

Our Asia Pacific teams have a strong track record of delivering solutions for some of the biggest global Oil and Gas companies. As well as bringing their experience and expert knowledge, they have comprehensive networks of high calibre talent and a thorough understanding of market trends specific to the region.

Our Oil and Gas division partners with a number of prestigious companies and has successfully completed assignments for clients such as Yokogawa, Keppel Offshore, Maersk Drilling and Marine.

Well Connected

The biggest challenge facing the Oil and Gas industry is attracting new talent as the next generation of engineers drives the industry forward. Demand for highly experienced talent working on upstream and downstream projects has never been higher. The quality and strength of our network is one of the key reasons that clients have chosen to partner with us.

Our Oil and Gas division has been able to leverage the excellent reputation we have across our other sectors. We guarantee fast payment for contractors, offer added value services as well as the support and backing of our knowledgeable, committed team.

What does this mean? Our network of Oil and Gas professionals is highly motivated and loyal, enabling us to secure talent that is out of reach to other consultancies.

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"Experienced, knowledgable industry specialists are essential against a backdrop of skills shortages, political volatility and ever shrinking resources"

Shagar, Country Manager, Singapore

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