Innovation in technology is a key strategic focus for businesses operating in all sectors. Nowadays, technology is a major driving force and a potential game changer for companies striving to gain competitive advantage and market share.

Our Technology division covers all competencies which are needed to design and develop state of the art machines, cutting edge engineering technologies, new structures and innovative manufacturing processes. These niche skills are required by all high tech and engineering environments and cross many of the sectors we operate in. Our Technology clients can be found across the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and APAC areas.

Within our Technology division we work within the following areas:

  • Chip and pin
  • Automotive control systems
  • Microprocessor and micro chip technology
  • Aerospace control systems
  • Defence
  • Specialist manufacturing control machinery

Local Expertise

Our Technology division was founded in one of the most technologically innovative cities in the world - Eindhoven. With the city hosting major tech events including  Dutch Technology Week, our local experts have excellent opportunities to grow our network.

We also work in the German, Austrian and Asia Pacific technology markets with our Munich and Singapore operations conducting business in these regions.

Our team of local specialists are well informed on trends and innovations happening in the High Tech, Manufacturing, Semi-Conductor, and Aerospace and Automotive industries.  They are continually sourcing new experts for our talent pool of candidates, many of whom have a niche combination of skills required by clients for hard-to-fill positions.

At Michael Bailey Associates, our technology experts support our clients to bridge the gap between technology and other sectors, allowing clients to tap into a broad talent network across the whole technology spectrum.

Track Record

As a client-centric organisation, our partnerships are more than just business relationships. We believe that trust and communication is the key to understanding every aspect of our clients business and nurturing long-term relationships.

With almost 30 years of experience in the Technology sector and teams of expert consultants, we are able to implement innovative projects for our clients that span different fields. The result – we have strengthened existing partnerships with a number of clients and have started working with many new ones.

Well Connected

Our strong client partnerships and history of working within the sector has allowed us to develop a large network of experts based across Europe. As a result, we have built a positive reputation within the technology community.

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  • “It’s our aim to develop more clients in Europe and expand our portfolio by exploiting our expertise in the field of technology. I am very excited about working in an innovative and exciting area of business!”

    Richard, Area Manager, Eindhoven

  • “Being aware of industry trends and acting quickly on those which have links to the divisions in which we operate means that we are able to help our clients source the highest calibre of mixed skill candidates.”

    Matthias, Area Manager, Germany & Austria

  • “Knowedgable, experienced and local industry experts are vital as the demand for mixed skill candidates increases and the skills gap widens – that’s where we can help”

    Shagar, Country Manager, Singapore

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