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We offer recruitment, workforce management and consulting solutions for clients working in the ICT, Telecommunications, Finance, Life Sciences and Energy & Renewables sectors across Europe and Asia Pacific.

We specialise in crafting intelligent bespoke, project-based recruitment solutions. Designed according to each client’s individual circumstances and requirements, our specialist recruitment consultants deliver a mix of contract recruitment, permanent recruitment, executive search, managed services and multi-hire projects.

However we piece together each individual solution, clients are ultimately looking for the same result; improved efficiency, fast turnaround, cost savings and exceptional quality. Our ability to deliver this is the reason we work in partnership with some of the worlds most innovative and fast growing businesses.

Work packages

Working closely with our clients, we design work packages that support an entire project life-cycle, from planning to completion and beyond.

It’s a proactive and long term solution that requires a clear understanding of the client’s goals. Clients benefits include:

  • Working with one strategic partner throughout the project, rather than managing multiple suppliers
  • Risk is minimised – we have the network and the expertise to deliver consistently, time after time
  • Administration and any issues are managed by us, reducing disruption for the client

Flexibility is key. Rather than charging out on a time and materials basis, we can put together terms based on a set of deliverables, tied into achieving performance milestones and deadlines. Incentives can be set to ensure that objectives are met.


Yes, we take a requirement and provide a solution. But we go further than this, providing a strategic framework, advice and consultancy throughout the process.

Our teams have many years experience of working with market leading organisations and talented, highly skilled people across all sectors. This knowledge has enabled us to act as a consultant to many of our clients seeking to implement business transformation projects.

We offer:

  • Internal function skills mix
  • Project planning
  • Market rates
  • Market trends insight
  • Skills supply and demand
  • Salary benchmarking

Professional recruitment

As a major supplier of talented consultants in all regions and sectors, we have focused on developing a candidate talent pool of the highest calibre. Our guaranteed seven-day payment terms for contractors and our team of regional Field Managers put us well ahead of other consultancies in terms of support offered to our workforce.

The result is that our network of contracting consultants is made up of the top tier of talent available; they are extremely motivated, satisfied and, most importantly for our clients, loyal.

  • We monitor our performance closely through analysis of key performance indicators
  • Our delivery time is market leading – turnaround in many cases is within 48 hours
  • Long-term partnerships with clients allow us to develop a deeper insight into their requirements, translating into a better service based on expert knowledge.

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"We operate at the top end of the workforce consultancy market, creating bespoke/flexible solutions that add real value to our clients' businesses."

Mike Garlick, Founder and CEO

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