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CP Analyst IR35 Compliance


Seeking- CP Analyst IR35 Compliance

6 Months

Hybrid- London/Waterloo- Tues,Wed,Thurs

Inside IR35

The following are the desired attributes of the role:

  1. Have a good understanding of CP processes, especially Vendor Master and RtP processes.
  2. Must possess an attitude to getting things right the first time and therefore should show passion for operational excellence.
  3. Must show perseverance and not be easily fazed by adversity. In resolving all the various situations of non-compliance, the individual will be required to dig deep into each situation to find out the right contacts, business rationale for why things were done in a certain way and be able to explain to our internal Tax advisors to obtain the correct steer for closure.
  4. Able to liaise and relate with a wide range of stakeholders at differing level of seniority both within CP and withing the contract holder community.
  5. Must be a quick learner and have a learning mind-set. Some of the work we are doing will be a first of Shell – so the person should open to learning and adapting to the situation quickly.
  6. Must be able to manage his own workload by balancing different priorities of the project.
  7. Enthusiasm, high energy and team player.

Accountabilities include:

  1. Create a master list of UK Vendors that will be evaluated by Deloitte.
  2. If vendors are flagged as being high risk, work with IR35 Focal point and Tax advisors to get the vendors blocked for payment.
  3. Inform with CP Lead/ RtP Buyers to regarding the block and get them to carry out IR35 assessment for each of the scopes.
  4. Ensure that all the assessments are completed in a timely manner.
  5. For the problem cases, where an external evaluation is necessary, co-ordinate with Tax advisor to get the external evaluations done.
  6. Once the external evaluation is done, release block for those that are cleared as ‘Outside IR35.’
  7. For those that are not cleared, inform CP Lead/RtP Buyer and obtain data to settle any liabilities that may be needed.
  8. Identify CP Leads for all contractors with GID that have come on a PO. An initial identification has been done already. This role would need to use this data as a starting point and narrow the search only those individuals who have come on a stand-alone POs or those under a contract that was not assessed as part of legacy contract clean up.
  9. Once PO number is identified, then connect with CP Lead/RtP Buyer to get the scope assessed in the IR35 tool.
  10. If a GID holder is found to be ‘inside IR35’ then connect with the vendor to confirm if the person is compliant with the IR35 terms.
  11. For those cases, where the vendor confirms non-compliance, put a block on payments and connect with IR35 Focal about next steps to obtain closure.
  12. A similar series of steps needs to be carried out for contractors with physical access i.e.:
  13. Identify those on stand alone PO or Contract.

Michael Bailey International is acting as an Employment Business in relation to this vacancy.

CP Analyst IR35 Compliance