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Tailored solutions for your specific needs

We understand that no one client is the same; a rigid service offering is not going to give organisations access to the skills they need, in a way that suits them.  This is why our portfolio of services has been designed with the client at the centre of it.

Many clients come to work with us because they are interested in our permanent recruitment or contract services.  This is where we work closely with you to identify the skills needed, alongside the cultural match required, from new employees or contractors.  Using our extensive networks built up over decades, a market-leading tech stack and advanced techniques, we will introduce the right talent for your business.

Our Statement of Works (SoW) solution is designed to offer flexibility to those who wish to make use of strategic workers with particular expertise to perform specific tasks or work on a particular project. The contract is provided on outcome or quality of the agreed deliverables for a specific period.

Talent Advisory Services are offered as part of our project solutions.  Talent recruitment and retention are the most critical factors in your success, and we work with you to offer a roadmap to success.

The MSP and RPO solutions we offer are highly tailored and effective.  Whether we are the lead organisation or working as part of a panel of suppliers, Michael Bailey Associates uphold the highest levels of service and deliverability.


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Compliance & Back Office Support

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compliance & back office support